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Newbie with a Fanfic!

Hi everyone! I hope this place is active. I am a huge fan of Peter Pan and think Jeremy is a great actor. My name is Jen and I have a fic, which I just started that I'd like to post for you wonderful people! (I'm shameless, I know, but oh, the cleverness of me, right?) If you want to know more about me, just ask! Hope you read and enjoy my fic and if you have a moment, I would love feedback. :D

And now...

Title: Return of Pan
Authors: Jen, aka hauntedangel3
Rating: Mature
Fandom: Peter Pan
Spoilers: Should know the story, or have seen the 2003 movie with Jeremy Sumpter.
Disclaimer: I do not own Peter Pan, or any of its characters and am making no profit off of this. So don't send the crocodile after me who has tasted human flesh!!!
Summary: Wendy is now a full grown woman and married with a child when Peter Pan flies through her window wanting to take her back to Neverland, but when she refuses, Peter uses his one and only wish from Tinker Bell to do something which startles even him...
Author's Note: This takes place AFTER the movie and please no offense. Hope you like my fic. :) Please review.

--Chapter One: Peter's Wish

--Chapter Two:
Wishes Do Come True
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